Educational Consultants

Find an Educational Travel Organiser

We work with Educational Travel Organisers (ETOs) throughout the world who advise their clients about studying abroad. They can also help you with application procedures and travel arrangements.

A good ETO can help you if –

  • you have a low level of English and would like the school information explained in your own language
  • you don’t feel confident about applying directly to the school
  • you want more detailed information on the school or living in London
  • you need advice on applying for a visa
  • you need help with travel arrangements
  • you are unsure how to pay for your course and accommodation

Excel English can recommend an ETO in your country who can help you apply to the school. The ETOs we work with have a detailed knowledge of what we offer because they have usually visited the school and talked with our staff and students. They will also be able to tell you about the experiences of previous clients who have studied at Excel English.

Find an Educational Consultant

If you want to find a reputable Educational Consultant to help with your application to Excel English, please complete this form and we will send you details of the consultant nearest to you.