Vintage Fashion Experience

Vintage fashion – especially from the 1940’s/50’s or the 1960’s/70’s – has become increasingly popular over the last few years.  This unique experience will give you the chance to  learn about fashion history and create your own individual look.

Details & Highlights

London has long been one of the style capitals of the world and is home to a very active vintage fashion scene.  Whether you prefer 1950’s Burberry raincoats or the colourful mini dresses of the 1960’s, you’ll find you have a lot to choose from during this experience.  Find out how you can avoid the high street shops selling the same types of clothes and really develop a style which is unique to you. And vintage is not just for the ladies.  In London there are many places specialising in vintage fashion for men.

During this experience, you will visit a famous fashion and jewellery collection to discover how styles developed in the past, markets with stalls selling old clothes, costume jewellery & accessories, vintage boutiques and even charity shops with vintage & designer sections. You will find bargains and go home with one or more vintage outfits really reflecting your personality.

All Excel English experience courses also include 15 hours per week of English in multinational classes.

08.30 – 10.00 General English Lesson
10.00 – 10.20 Break
10.20 – 11.50 General English Lesson

Your Vintage Fashion Experience sessions will take place after your English lessons each day and will be confirmed according to the availability of our specialist tutors.  We will give you a personal timetable at the start of your course.

Please Note: in summer and at other busy times, we operate a zigzag timetable where all our students have a mixture of morning and afternoon English lessons.

Minimum Level of English Pre-Intermediate (A2)
Minimum Age 18 years
Minimum Course Length 1 week
Maximum Course Length 1 week
Availability All Year
Start Dates Any Monday (except for public holidays)

General English

Hours Per week 15
Minimum Class Size  3 students
Maximum Class Size 12 students

Vintage Fashion Experience

 Hours per week 18
 Usual Class Size 1 student
 Maximum Class Size 3 students
Duration Fees 2017
1 week £960 (includes £50 to spend on vintage fashion).

Additional fees

  • Registration Fee: £99
  • Learning Materials Fee: £35

Accommodation not included

Please visit our Accommodation Section for information and prices.

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