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Cambridge Exam Preparation

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Excel English is proud to be an Exam Preparation Centre for Cambridge English exams. We offer intensive courses focusing on the techniques which will help you achieve the best result in your chosen exam.

Details & Highlights

The Cambridge First Certificate (FCE) is one of the best known English language exams and is suitable for you if you have achieved a B2 (Upper Intermediate) level of English. This qualification is useful to prove to employers and educational authorities that you can speak confidently and write clear, detailed English.

Cambridge Advanced (CAE) is ideal if you are at C1 (Advanced) level or higher and need to show that you can communicate effectively in professional situations or in higher education.  It is widely recognised as an entry requirement for over 6000 universities and top companies.

To find out more about where a Cambridge English exam course can take you watch this video.

Our very intensive 8 week Cambridge examination preparation courses offer 21 hours per week of lessons practising the techniques you will need to achieve the best result in your examination. You will have personal attention and the full support and advice of our experienced teachers as well as 2 hours per week of optional guided self study and use of the Excel English App.  You will also be able to take part in our social activities where you can keep practising your spoken English.

Before you enrol on an examination preparation course, we will ask you to take an online test to ensure that you are at the correct level for the course you require.  If you are below the level required, we recommend that you join our General English classes for a few weeks before the start of your examination course.

We recommend taking the full 8 week course, but if you cannot enrol for the complete course, please contact us to discuss studying for fewer weeks. This would usually only be possible at the beginning of each course.

We can arrange for you to take the exam at the end of your course at a local UK testing centre – there is an additional fee for this service.

08.30 – 10.00 Exam Preparation Lesson
10.00 – 10.20 Coffee Break
10.20 – 11.50 Exam Preparation Lesson
11.50 – 12.50 Lunch Break
12.50 – 14.20 Exam Preparation Lesson*(not Friday)
Please note: at busy times we operate a zigzag timetable where all students have a mixture of morning and afternoon lessons. Click here for full details.
Minimum Level of English (FCE) Upper Intermediate (B2)
Minimum Level of English (CAE) Advanced (C1)
Minimum Age 16 years (we occasionally accept students aged 15 years as part of a group or as individuals living with UK guardians)
Average Age September – June 30 years; July & August 25 years
Minimum Course Length 2 weeks
Maximum Course Length 8 weeks
Availability (FCE)
  • 2018: January 15 – March 09
  • 2018: April 16 – June 08
  • 2018: October 22 – December 14
Availability (CAE)
  • 2018: January 22 – March 16
  • 2018: April 16 – June 08
  • 2018: October 22 – December 14
Minimum Class Size None – Courses are guaranteed to run regardless of the number of participants!  Where there are fewer than 3 participants, you will have 15 hours of general group English and 6 hours of exam preparation 1:1 or 2:1.
Maximum Class Size 12 students
Course Duration Fees  2018
1 – 8 weeks £299 per week
8 weeks’ course £2392
Examination Fee  Approximately £150 per exam

Additional fees

Registration Fee: £99

Examination Preparation Learning Materials Fee£35

Accommodation Not Included

Visit our Accommodation Section for more information and prices.

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