Student Residence FAQ

If you have a question about our homestay accommodation, look at the FAQs below in case we have the answer.

What will I have in my room?

A bed with bedding, some hanging and drawer space for your clothes, a desk, shelves, a washbasin with hot & cold water, adequate lighting, and chair. You must keep your room tidy so it can be cleaned regularly. The rooms are arranged along corridors. Each corridor is usually for either male or female residents.

(Superior residential rooms have bathrooms with wash basins, showers and toilets).

When should I check-in to the residence?

New students should arrive at the residence between 12 noon and 7pm. We recommend that you should arrive before 6pm, as this will allow time to unpack, look around the residence and Muswell Hill and have an evening meal at 6pm with the other students.

What kind of food will I eat?

The residence has its own cook who prepare the food on the premises. There is a new menu each week with a variety of different dishes offered each day, including vegetarian options.

You will have breakfast and dinner every day and also lunch at the weekends. The Saturday lunch is usually less substantial than the Sunday lunch. You will probably find the food provided by the residence quite different from that at home. Please remember that trying different food is part of the experience of living abroad. Residents who stay on during Christmas will experience traditional British Christmas food.

Can I make hot drinks or a snack?

Tea and coffee are provided in all 3 kitchenettes in the residence. There are also refrigerators for you to store snacks and microwave ovens for you to heat up food.

Do I have to share a bathroom?

You will share the toilets and baths/showers with the other residents on your corridor. There is approximately one toilet and bath/shower for each 5 residents. (Superior residential accommodation has full en suite facilities).

What other facilities will I find in the residence?

Large sitting room; TV lounge with satellite TV & video; quiet room; games room with snooker, table tennis & table football; small gym; computers for word processing, internet connected computers, & wireless connection; very large garden with tennis & volleyball courts.

Will I have internet in my bedroom?

There is wireless internet connection throughout the residence.

Will I be given a key?

You will be given your own key to the residence and to your room. You will have 24 hour access to the residence but for security reasons the main door is always kept locked.

Do I have to bring my own towels or sheets?

The residence will provide you with bedding. This will be changed every week. You should bring your own towels.

How can I wash my clothes?

There is a residents’ laundry with washing and drying machines, hand washing facilities, and a drying room. You will have to pay for using the machines. Ironing facilities are also available.

Am I allowed to smoke in the residence?

You are not allowed to smoke in any part of the residence.

Can I drink alcohol in the residence?

The residence is owned and run by the Methodist Church so alcohol must not be brought onto or consumed on the premises.

Are there telephones in the residence?

There are 4 payphones in the residence and dedicated student numbers for outside callers.

Can I leave the residence early?

You can decide to leave our accommodation at any time but you must give a minimum of 4 weeks notice to the school and to the residence.


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