Homestay Accommodation FAQ

If you have a question about our homestay accommodation, look at the FAQs below in case we have the answer.

What will I have in my room?

A bed with bedding, some hanging or drawer space for your clothes, usually a desk or table, adequate lighting and a chair.  In bigger rooms there may be more furniture.  (Superior homestay rooms are usually larger and better furnished and decorated than standard homestay rooms.) You will also be able to use the homestay’s communal area.  You must keep your room tidy so the host can clean it every week.

What kind of food will I eat?

You will probably find the food provided by your host quite different from that at home.  Please remember that trying different food is part of the experience of living abroad.

  • Breakfast – your host may prepare your breakfast but if she/he works, you will be expected to make it yourself from food the host has provided.  You will be shown where everything is kept in the kitchen.  Breakfast in England usually consists of cereal, toast, butter, jam, tea, coffee, fruit juice.
  • Dinner – this will be prepared by the homestay host & will usually consist of 2 courses.  The main course is meat, chicken, fish, eggs, vegetables, salad, etc.  The second course may be a full desert or just yoghurt or fruit. (If you are in Superior Homestay you may be offered a third course of soup or some other small starter and you will sometimes be offered wine or beer with  dinner.)  You will usually eat this meal with your host(s).
  • Tea & coffee – you will be able to make hot drinks during the day.  You should not take extra food without your host’s permission.
  • Unusual diets – some of our hosts are able to cater for vegetarians, vegans, lactose free and gluten free diets. However, the number of these hosts is limited so you will need to book your homestay accommodation well in advance (minimum of 4-6 weeks especially in summer).

How often can I have a shower?

You will be able to have a bath or shower every day. Usually washing facilities are shared with the hosts but most superior homestays have private bathroom facilities for students.

Will I have a key to the homestay?

You will be given your own key to the house.  Bedrooms in private homes do not usually have locks.

Do I have to bring towels or sheets?

Your host will provide bedding & towels.  These will be changed every week.

How can I wash my clothes?

Your homestay host will either wash your clothes with the household washing or will allow you to use the washing machine.  There will be somewhere for you to do hand washing.  You will be shown where to hang your clothes to dry.  You will have to do your own ironing.

Will I be able to talk with my hosts?

All our homestay hosts are friendly and welcoming and will be happy to talk with you. The main time for talking is during the evening meal.  Some hosts may also have time to talk at other times of day, but all hosts require some privacy and many will be working during the day.

Can I watch televison?

You will usually be able to watch television in the sitting room with your homestay host(s).  A few hosts also provide a television in the student’s room.

What must I do if I want to leave my homestay accommodation early?

You can decide to leave our accommodation at any time but you must give a minimum of 2 weeks notice to the school and to the homestay host.

Will I be able to use the internet?

All of our homestay hosts provide broadband internet access in their home.

Please be considerate in your usage of the host’s internet connection – you should check with your host before downloading large files or communicating with friends and family at home (e.g. via Skype) late at night. Calls can be made usually up to 10 p.m.

Remember that there is Wireless Internet (WiFi) access throughout our school building which is free for all students.

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