Excel English Social Programme

Social Programme

Taking part in our programme of social activities will help you visit all the places you want to see and also show you parts of London that tourists often miss.

You will find you make friends, practise your English and learn more about London and England through taking part in the social programme we organise each month.  You will also save money as we can get reduced group prices for our students or can tell you about free events and attractions.

The activities we arrange include:

  • visits to museums and art galleries
  • flights on the London Eye
  • boat trips on the River Thames
  • visits to Madame Tussauds and famous football stadiums
  • guided walks such as our famous night time walk
  • unusual outings such as visiting the Law Courts
  • parties in the school
  • pub and cinema nights
  • ten pin bowling
  • film and quiz afternoons
  • sport in the park
  • trips outside London to cities such as Cambridge, Bath, Brighton and Oxford

Below you will find samples of previous social programme timetables for different seasons: