Our Methodology

Our Methodology

We take your language learning very seriously at Excel English because we want you to succeed, but we also make sure your lessons are interesting and enjoyable.

You will probably find your lessons at Excel English different from those you have had in your own country. Although this methodology may seem strange at first, you will soon become used to it and learn fast.

Our experienced and friendly teachers plan each week’s lessons carefully, thinking about the needs of all the students in the class. They use the most modern language teaching methods to make sure you learn effectively and quickly. They also emphasise speaking and listening so you can use your English outside the school to speak with British people.

Our aims are to make sure you can:

  • communicate in English with native and foreign speakers
  • use all the English you have learnt in the past
  • use all the English you learn while you are here
  • understand, speak and be understood in English
  • read and write English
  • increase and use your vocabulary and grammar
  • learn English fast

During your lessons you will be asked to:

  • speak and listen to a classmate
  • work in a group
  • speak and listen to your teacher
  • play language games
  • complete written exercises
  • read specially adapted or authentic texts
  • listen to audio extracts
  • watch video clips
  • keep a record of new vocabulary / new grammar
  • repeat vocal drills for pronunciation
  • repeat and use words, phrases and dialogues
  • move to sit with a new group or partner
  • stand or move around as part of a speaking activity

During your lessons your teacher will:

  • be moving around, so not always at the front of the class ‘teaching’
  • be listening and noting your language problems during all your activities
  • give corrections at the appropriate time
  • show you the way to use English-only dictionaries effectively
  • encourage you to keep records
  • regularly revise all new language and vocabulary
  • support and encourage you to participate fully in all class activities
  • set and mark homework

You will find you learn more quickly if you:

  • speak as much as possible during the lessons, not worrying about making mistakes
  • record all new vocabulary and look over it after lessons
  • record new grammar and use it after the lessons
  • speak English as much as possible with your friends, inside and outside the school
  • help yourself learn by doing extra study outside lessons, especially using Excel English Online