How We Can Help

How we can help

At Excel English, we believe that happy students learn more English.  So we are always ready to help you to solve any problems during your stay, or provide information about activities that you can take part in so you have fun after class.

In an emergency, we have members of staff who can speak the following languages to help you: French, Italian, Polish, German, Japanese, Spanish, Greek and Sri Lankan.

The Client Services Team

The Client Services Manager and Client Services Coordinator are located in Reception.  They are always happy to offer the help and advice you need while you are in London

When you arrive in the school you will be given a detailed student handbook.  This will give you a lot of information about studying at Excel English and living in London. But you may find you need more knowledge or help, especially at the beginning of your course.  Everyone working at Excel English will help you with whatever you need, but you should go to Reception to find information on:

  • travelling in London and throughout the UK
  • where to go and what to do
  • social programme
  • doctors, dentists and hospital treatment
  • insurance
  • student cards
  • working in the UK
  • extending your visa
  • telephones and telephone cards
  • extending your course or accommodation

This information is also available at any time through the Excel English Online E-Reception.

The Academic Team

If you have a problem with your class, you must speak to your teacher or the Academic Manager as soon as possible.  Your teacher and the Academic Manager will listen to any concerns you have about your progress and can give you help and advice on improving your English skills.

The Accommodation Manager

If you have any problems with your accommodation, please tell us immediately so that we can help you to solve them.  The Accommodation Manager will listen to your concerns and can give you advice, or she can speak to your accommodation provider on your behalf if you need her to do so.

The Principal

If you have talked to a member of staff about your problem, and you do not think that it has been solved, please speak to the Principal.  She believes that happy students are successful students, and will do everything possible to help you.