Educational Consultants

Become an Educational Travel Organiser

We work with many excellent Educational Travel Organisers (ETOs) worldwide.  They provide information, advice and support to their clients including which country, city and school to choose.  They can also advise on which course at Excel English is most suitable for clients’ needs and help them through the application and visa process.

Why should you work with Excel English?

Because your clients will:

  • choose a premium school which is one of only 5 Quality English, 5 IALC and 2 TEN schools in London
  • study in a unique close-knit international family atmosphere where student care is an absolute priority
  • enjoy our modern facilities including interactive whiteboards, a student room, self access centre and free wireless internet
  • feel relaxed and comfortable in our spacious classrooms and architecturally unique modern school surrounded by beautiful woodland gardens
  • learn from our dynamic, friendly and professional teachers who use innovative methodology and offer individual support
  • select from a wide range of courses for adults, juniors and teachers
  • participate in a variety of exciting social activities such as guided walks, museum visits, night time events and excursions outside London
  • experience the excitement of London with its world class restaurants, unforgettable museums, galleries, historic landmarks, and nightlife.

Because you will find that we:

  • reply quickly to your requests
  • support you in any way we can
  • look after your clients
  • always remember that your client remains your client

To find out more about working with Excel English, please complete the form under Extra Info below.

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Become an Educational Consultant

If you would like to become a registered Educational Consultant for Excel English, please complete this form and we will contact you soon.