Excel English is a member of The English Network, a group of estblished, independent English schools with a reputation for quality and personal service

The English Network (TEN)

Excel English is proud to be part of The English Network (TEN) – a group of established, experienced, independent English language schools which have a reputation in the market for quality and personal service.

In 2010 a small group of well-respected and internationally renowned English language school leaders formed The English Network (TEN). This network of 10 like-minded and dedicated professionals has trust at its core. For over 400 years we have, between us, delivered courses and a service that clients can depend on. High standards, professionalism and honesty are key values for each TEN member.

The members of TEN are now working together to share and develop their expertise for the benefit of each member and their clients. Members share information and advice on best practice. There is a common commitment to recommend, assist and advise Educational Travel Organisers and students on all aspects of English language study.

TEN offers students great schools, popular locations and above all a guaranteed valuable and memorable student experience.

Members of TEN:

  • are in large and small cities, historic locations and on the coast
  • attract students of different ages (from 9 to 90), backgrounds and nationalities
  • offer English language courses for different student needs
  • employ permanent, dedicated and well-qualified staff
  • provide a 24-hour emergency contact number
  • provide a caring and comprehensive accommodation/welfare service
  • have study centres/computer rooms with free wireless internet access
  • arrange local airport transfers and varied social programmes
  • commit to offering a quality service both in and out of the classroom
  • combine 400 years of experience in a network

For more information visit The English Network website.